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PVC Free Foam Board for Screen Printing

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1, exhibition desk, Shelve in supermarket;

2, Advertisement Board and sign board.;

3, Architectural decoration and upholstery;

4, Printing,Engraving,Furniture,Bathroom cabinet;

5, decoration for partition wall and shopwindows.


good plasticity, being an excellent thermoform material

sub-light surface and elegant vision

anti-chemical corrosion

suitable to silk screen printing

with imported dyes, unfading and anti-aging


light. bulk EPS density of Chinese standard is 18~22kg/m3, but the people only using EPS board 15kg/m3 in Europe;low thermal conductivity. Because of the air filled hole group structure, prevent the spread of air, the heat conduction coefficient is under 0.039;

because 98% of foam insulation board space is filled with air, have sufficient capacity to buffer the impact of the outside world and by changing the shape, good anti impact ability;


Why the board thickness is nonuniform?

The clearance of die lip is improperly, readjust the clearance of die lip.

Choke block is adjusted improperly, readjust the choke block.

External lubricant is too much, reduce the amount of external lubricant.

Lack of internal lubricant, increase the amount of internal lubricant.

Set temperature of the mould is improperly, readjust the mould temperature.

Things you should know about PVC foam board

Foam board is usually white, although some manufacturers also offer black foam board. It is 1/8 or 3/16 of an inch (.3-.5 centimeters) thick. Foam board is very lightweight as well as strong, which makes it ideal for framing large works of art or posters, since it adds so little weight to the overall piece.

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